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Set Up Promotions using the Magento Auto Add to Cart Extension

Magento Auto Add to Cart Extension has more new features

The Popular Auto Add to Basket/Cart Magento Extension by Iceberg Commerce has gotten even better with more new features!

Our best selling extension now offers the following list of features:

  • Assign one or more products to be auto added
  • Bulk update products to set the auto added products
  • Auto add products from the Admin
  • Auto add products from the Frontend
  • Follows stock rules stock status, max and min quantity rules
  • Auto Added Products will match quantity of product added to the cart
  • Auto added products are removed from the basket/cart if the main product is removed
  • Allows a free item to be automatically added to the cart/basket.
  • Allows a free gift to be automatically added to the cart/basket.
  • Set up Buy X get Y free rules
  • Compatible with all versions of Magento

Check it out here

Listing Products on Your Magento Homepage

The question we get most often is how to embed products on Magento store homepages. We have the answer, and its easy - use widgets!

Iceberg Commerce is leading the way, offering a wide range of Widgets that allow you to publish dynamic content on your store's homepage. The only requirement is Magento 1.4 or newer.

With just a few clicks, you can add a listing/grid of products.

But there is more! You can filter products by attributes or categories. Which means you can create landing pages for each manufacturer, product type, etc...

Try it out today - the Product List Plus Widget for Magento.

We also have a free version that allows you to list products by manufacturer only.

Magento Product Compare

Magento has a great built in feature to allow customers to compare products side by side as they browse your store.

The missing piece with the Magento compare has been the ability to create comparison pages similar to how apple presents comparison pages for their MacBook models, ipads models, and iMac models.

Iceberg Commerce has built a great add on to allow you to do just that!

Using the Product Comparison Magento Widget by Iceberg Commerce, you can embed product comparisons and embed them anywhere on your store.

This means that customers no longer have to pick which products to compare. You build the comparison and embed it in your store. Customers and search engines will then have easy access to the information about your top products.

Check out the widget by clicking here.

Increase Productivity Using Magento Widgets

Magento Widgets have been around since Magento version 1.4.  Using Magento Widgets, you can bring in rich dynamic data on your Homepage, CMS pages, and CMS blocks.

By Default, Magento 1.4 and higher come with widgets that allow you to add cms page links, category page links, product links, embed cms blocks, embed new products, and list recently compared and viewed products.

Iceberg Commerce is leading the way with a wide range of productivity widgets aimed at Magento store owners, managers, content creators.

Using Magento Widgets built by Iceberg Commerce, with just a few clicks you can add the following content anywhere in your store.:


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