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Remove Checkout Buttons from top of Cart page

If you want to remove the Checkout buttons from the top of your Magento Cart page, here are 2 ways to do this .

(1) Remove the checkout buttons using Layout XML.

Add this to a layout XML file:

  1. <checkout_cart_index>
  2. <remove name="checkout.cart.top_methods" />
  3. </checkout_cart_index>

(2) Just hide the buttons using CSS

Add this to your Magento store css style sheet:

  1. .checkout-cart-index .title-buttons .checkout-types {display:none}

If you want to remove only Google Checkout and/or Paypal Express buttons from the top of the Magento Cart Page, you can use the following Layout XML

  1. <checkout_cart_index>
  2. <reference name="checkout.cart.top_methods">
  3. <action method="unsetChild"><name>checkout.cart.methods.googlecheckout</name></action>
  4. <action method="unsetChild"><name>checkout.cart.methods.paypal_express</name></action>
  5. </reference>
  6. </checkout_cart_index>

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