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Read what others have to say about Iceberg Commerce Customer Service and Expert Advice. Testimonials and Feedback are from customers who have purchased from our software store and many of which keep coming back to purchase more products, ask advice, and share their results.

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They were great at making updates for us when we wanted new features; fixes and updates came fast!
~ Video Gallery Extension
~ Product List Plus Widget
~ Single Product Widget
Unparalleled Magento extensions support from Iceberg Commerce
~ SEO Tag Urls Extension
~ Tag Admin Extension
I'm super excited to get this extension working! It fills a HUGE hole in the Magento system currently.
~ Auto Add to Cart Extension
~ By Brad, November 2009
Thank you for your excellent service and extra help for setting up the products. Please keep me posted about your new extensions. Looking forward to doing more business with you soon
~ Auto Add to Cart Extension
~ By Emil, January 2010
Excellent module! Working great!
~ SEO Product Tags
~ By Nikolas, February 2010
Thanks for your quick help, it's perfect, you're the best!!
~ Video Gallery Extension
~ By Phillippe, July 2010
Worked perfect on! A real time saver and highly recommended.
~ Admin Product Tagging Extension
~ By Bryan, July 2010
Thanks again for your help and I really like your module. NO problems with it for a change, lately the modules I have purchased have been getting worse and are creating a lot of problems.
~ Video Gallery Extension
~ By Jamie, July 2010
This is a simple, yet VERY powerful, module that works for a number of applications on our sites that has saved our designers/developers a good amount of time. I made two feature requests, which they responded to very quickly. I can now list however many products I want from a given category, hide the pagination toolbar, and sort by any of the preset or custom sortable attributes (v1.0.3).
~ Category List Widget
~ By Krlecarp, August 2010
We just purchased your product widget. Brilliant, thanks for that.
~ Product Embed Widget
~ By Mark, August 2010
Purchased this modules and it installed perfectly. No problems and we have a handful of other modules installed as well. Instructions are clear. Customer support is good. Had a question about a modification I would like done and they responded fast and accurately. Would buy from them again.
~ Video Gallery Extension
~ By John2323, August 2010
Easy to install, exactly what I was looking for. Perfect
~ SEO Product Tags Extension
~ By Ck, August 2010
I really do appreciate your extra effort to get this finished.
I think you have gone the extra mile with the help you have given me, and i will be passing your details onto other Magento users.
This script works perfectly with and I'm sure i will be back to purchase more from you soon.
~ Category List Widget
~ By Colin, October 2010
This is a really excellent extension. Installs easily and works well with Looking forward to further updates discussed with developer but really pleased with results so far.
~ Video Gallery Extension
~ By Mompc, October 2010
Great extension! Great support! Works excellent with Magento 1.4!
~ Video Gallery Extension
~ By Kolashanpan1, October 2010
Just a quick message to say thank you for a great and very much needed extension to the original Magento install.
After purchase I had the extension uploaded and working within what seemed like only a few minutes. The instructions for use and installation were easy to follow. Working perfect with my Magento version 1.3.
~ Video Gallery Extension
~ By Colin, October 2010
Just purchased and installed this extension. Purchase was easy (Magento storefront) and download was immediately available (didn't have to wait for an Email). Install instructions were easy to follow and I found it equally simple to make a minor modification to use Shadowbox.js instead of Lightbox. Works as advertised, Magento
~ Bundled Products Popup Extension
~ By Paulvantuyl, October 2010
I liked the free version of this widget,.. so much i purchased this version which enabled me to create blocks and filter reviews per brand, then added the blocks where required to category pages which was very good for search engines, also for the viewing customers. Its very well thought out and versatile. Thank you for a low cost widget that will help SEO for only a few $$
~ Product Reviews Widget
~ By Colin008, October 2010

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