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Magento Admin Page Notes Extension

The Page Notes Magento Extension by Iceberg Commerce is the ultimate communication and collaboration tool for your team.

Leave notes, comments, questions, reminders, instructions on any page in your Magento Admin panel. Great for Magento Beginners and Pros. You will find many different uses for it immediately after installation.

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On Sale For: $299.00

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Magento Admin Page Notes Extension

Product Description

The Page Notes Magento Extension by Iceberg Commerce is the ultimate communication and collaboration tool for your team. The extension adds the ability to add Page Notes to any Page in your Magento Admin Panel. Notes are easy to add, highly visible, and searchable.

Share information and document information and common processes

Leave notes, comments, questions, reminders, instructions, warnings on any page in your Magento Admin panel. All Page notes are searchable and easy to find using the built in Magento Global Search.

A great tool for anyone who uses Magento

If you have many employees working in the Admin Panel, it can be used as a communication tool, as an instructional aide, as a reminder on commonly used Admin Panel functions, or even used on individual orders as a more visible noting function than Magento's built in order comment system.

If you're a one man team, the page notes extension is still an extremely valuable tool, allowing you to document and search for information all within the Magento Admin Panel.

Permissions give you control of who can create, edit, delete notes

Permissions can be assigned based on user roles, giving you control over who can create, edit, and delete page notes. Assign users as a global moderator of all notes, or simply allow them to create and delete their own page notes. Users who are not global moderators, can hide notes that they have already read, and it will remain hidden for only that user.


  • Leave notes on any Magento Admin/Backend page (this includes Products, Orders, Customers, Reports, Dashboard, etc...)
  • Use the Magento Global Search to search for any Page Note
  • Permissions based on user roles - you can decide what user roles can create, edit, and delete page notes
  • Mass Update Page notes, Mass Delete Page Notes
  • User friendly and intuitive interface
  • Follows Magento Coding Guidelines. Very high quality of code and thoroughly tested.
  • No core code is modified so next time you update Magento, the Magento Page Notes Extension will continue to work!

Common Uses

Leave messages and reminders on Orders
The built in order commenting system is great for most order notes. However, the Page Notes Extension allows you to leave a message and highlight it at the top of the page, ensuring that the message will be highly visible.
Leave Instructional Information on New Product Create Page
Usually there are many steps when creating a new Product. With the Page Notes Extension, you can leave instructional information, a checklist, or other useful information.
Product Edit Page
Leave a warning stating you are currently editing a page so no one else edits it. Write a todo list using the Page Notes Extension. Leave notes on why a product has been disabled.
Customer Returns
Customer returns often involve a number of steps. Instructional page notes on the credit memo page can be left to document much of the process.
Leave reminders for yourself and your team on the Dashboard
Document Important deadlines or product release dates. Note record sales numbers. The Dashboard is the best place to share notes with your whole team.
Write notes on CMS pages
Document information for marketing and newsletter campaign pages. No more confusion wondering what a page is for when you go back to a page a few months later!
Write notes on Customers
The Page Notes extension is great for noting information on a customer's account. There simply is no other way to document customer information in Magento
Document Reports
Reports are often run months apart and its easy to forget information. You can leave page notes documenting the process on each report, saving you time the next time you have to run it again


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Magento CompatibilityCommunity Edition 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x
User ManualDownload user manual

Demo Links

Link Demo Admin Page - Log in and try it out. Leave a note on any page by clicking the "Add Page Note" button on the top right corner of any page

  • Detailed Installation instructions included - technical support available upon request
  • User manual included
  • The extension follows Magento coding practices. No core code is modified.
  • Easy Install and Easy Uninstall.


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