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Magento Extensions

Our Magento extensions are thoroughly tested and used in a live production environment before they are available in this software store. We follow Magento coding standards so that our code is easy to extend and so that you have no trouble upgrading to new versions of Magento. We take pride in having the highest quality of code in the Magento Community.

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Magento is among the leading Ecommerce Platforms available right now. Magento comes with a wide range of features and functions. However, the needs of each store owner are different. This is where Magento Extensions come into play.

The Magento architecture makes it easy to build extensions that extend and add onto the default Magento feature set. Iceberg Commerce builds and uses Magento extensions to meet the business needs of each of their stores.

Our Magento Extensions address the following needs:

Search Engine Optimization / SEO
We have a wide range of SEO extensions for Magento. From SEO Urls for Magento, to tools for adding product tags in bulk
We offer Magento extensions that tie into the add to cart process that allows customers to receive free gifts, allow store owners to bundle products. We also offer extensions to allow Magento store owners to manage in store banner campaigns.
Product Page Enhancements
We offer a variety of Magento extensions to make your product pages better. From setting default values of options, to managing product videos, to adding description popups for product options - we have it all.
CMS Power tools
We make Magento CMS Pages more powerful with our Magento extensions and Magento Widgets. Efficient and Effective CMS editing tools are a key part of our day to day store management. Productivity is important to any store owner's bottom line.
Payment Gateways
We offer Magento Extensions for Payment Processing using popular Payment Gateways - adding in extra fraud prevention tools.

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