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MVP's - Most Valuable Products!

Iceberg Commerce is an ecommerce merchant using the Magento Platform just like you. We want to share with you our MVPs! Our most valuable products are the Magento Extensions we can't live without and the ones we use every day as we manage and run our ecommerce stores.

So here they are:

MVP #1 - Magento Auto Add to Cart

We rely on this Magento extension to create quick bundles without creating a "bundle product"

Here is what we use it for:

  1. Free Giveaways - Mass edit products and add free give-away products. This only takes a couple of minutes when we edit in bulk.
  2. Extended Warranties.

MVP #2 - Magento Admin Tagging

We hated the way adding tags worked in Magento. So we fixed it with this Magento extension.

Here is how we use it:

  1. Add tags to new products as we create them
  2. Copy paste a set of tags across many products - in a comma separated list.

Tags are added in one easy step - no more having to add them in the frontend and approve them in the backend. Tags can be added from a comma separated string, so this saves us time as well.

MVP #3 - Magento Bundle Options Popup

This Magento extension is one that our customers LOVE! But we consider it an MVP since it sells a lot of accessories for us!

This Magento extension adds a "more details" link beside each optional product for a bundle product.

The link opens a lightbox popup where customers can read about the product and see how it looks. They can read about all the accessories and they don't have to leave the current page!

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