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Magento Widgets

Iceberg Commerce Magento widgets are made to save you time. Embed products, reviews, categories. Filter by product attributes. Create landing pages rich with content.

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Magento widgets allow users with no technical knowledge to easily add dynamic data to Magento store pages. Integrated into the the built in Magento Content Management System (CMS), Magento widgets are an important tool aiding in creating great informational and marketing content.

Magento Widgets can allow you to insert any type of data onto store pages. Here are a few examples:

  • product listings
  • product reviews
  • product links
  • product images
  • categories
  • recently viewed products
  • interactive forms
  • special promotions
  • and lots more ...

Magento Widgets can be positioned and used in many flexible ways such as:

  • create marketing landing pages for you ppc campaigns
  • create landing pages for your newsletter campaigns
  • add products and content to your Magento Homepage
  • add rich, dynamic data to your sidebars
  • and lots more ...

Magento Widgets are available since Magento community edition version 1.4 and enterprise edition version 1.6. If you are still running Magento 1.3 or older, widgets are a great reason to update since you will no longer have to edit html or layout xml to get rich content onto your homepage, content pages, or landing pages.

Installing Magento Widgets is as easy as installing an extension. Once installed, all you have to do is press the insert widget button on a Magento CMS Page/Block, then fill out a small form.

Magento Widgets are a key CMS content editing tool for the Magento beginner and power user.

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